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1975 classic Jaguar XJC available for purchase and client-optioned customization. This vehicle is prepared for either a straight six-cylinder or V12 engine.  The car has been finished with a stunning opalescent dark blue paint and clear coating.

Additional Information:

The Jaguar XJ Series 2 includes design updates to the Series 1 reflected in the 1974.  

In addition to design changes, the engine displacement options – including a 4.2 liter straight 6 cylinder and 5.3 liter V12 engine – were augmented with a 3.4 liter adaptation of the XK engine after 1975.  Despite what would be a seeming attraction, the V12 models account for just one in six XJ’s produced.  Restoration conversions from the inline six to V12’s and fuel-injected V12’s are popular among vendors capable of the conversion.

External variations among the Series 2 can be somewhat obscure. However, in the North American market, NTSB regulations mandated a higher front bumper placement for crash-safety standards.  Limited body style changes were required to accommodate the new bumper position, including a reduced grill square area and the addition of a supplemental air intake just below the bumper.

Also notably with the Series 2 XJ Jaguar’s were interior updates to better meet consumer demand in environmental controls.  Both the heating and air conditioning systems were revised over the Series 1 to better satisfy consumer preferences. 

Overall, the XJ line is beloved as a classic symbol of affluence, and who’s model design styling influences can be seen in the subsequent competitive brands models – a flattery not lost on Jaguar XJ owners.

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