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Fuel Injection

Jenvey Classic Jaguar FS-45 Inlet-Manifold

Jenvey Classic Jaguar FS-45 Inlet-Manifold

Fuel-Injected Performance

Classic Jaguar Performance Upgrades

Sports Car Classics is a specialist in fuel injection system upgrades. 
We specialize in retro-fit of fuel injection, giving your classic car the power and performance it deserves. Unleash the power of your car with optimized, efficient, fuel injection, powered by Sports Car Classics. SCC is the North America designated agent for Jenvey Dynamics.  The Jenvey line of fuel management systems designed for classic Jaguars in all of the necessary components for complete retrofits.  The Jenvey line provides all main throttle body components in-house including housings, spindles, butterflies, levers and fuel rails.  All Jenvey components are precision machined and followed with rigorous quality control.

North America Agent Designation

Jenvey Dynamics Fuel Injection Systems

Sports Car Classics is pleased to announce our January 2019 appointment by Jenvey Dynamics UK as their North America agent. Sports Car Classics has worked with Jenvey for a number of years fitting their state-of-the-art throttle bodies to many classic Jaguar applications.

Sports Car Classics proprietor Harry Fulford with Jenvey Dynamics representative.

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