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Concours-Quality Finishes

The Finest Paint & Body Craftsmanship

Sports Car Classics provides the finest in automotive paint finishes.
Through an extraordinary commitment to classic Jaguar tradition, SCC cuts no corners in finishing.  A meticulous and painstaking effort in hand-worked surface preparation is performed on every car.  Once a flawless surface condition is achieved, premium-quality rust-preventative primer is applied.  A series of premium quality paint applications follows to ensure a heavy and durable base coating is established.  Clear coating follow to protect the paint and ensure a deep lustrous shine is achieved.  Finally, to achieve a true Concours d’Elegance-quality finish, CSS invests days in polishing with premier compounds and polishes to achieve a truly stunning, richly colored, gloss finish.  In addition to a stunning appearance, your CSS finish will help protect your Jaguar investment for many years to come.

The Beginning of a Perfect

Jaguar Finish

Creating a premium paint finish requires proper preparation.  Sports Car Classics invests the necessary effort required, including the complete disassembly of all surfaces to be painted.  In preparing classic Jaguars for premium finishes in this way allows our painters access to ensure all metal surfaces are primed and painted.

E-Type directly out of the paint spray booth – headed for assembly and polishing.

Full Interior and Exterior Paint


To properly protect and preserve your Jaguar, our premium primers, paint finishes and clear coatings cover all sheet metal surfaces to ensure against rust and corrosion.

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