Classic Jaguar


1960'S Jaguar Roadster Project


1968 E-Type Jaguar Roadster


Concours Restoration


Complete tear down and rebuild restoration.


Sports Car Classics completely rebuilt this beautiful classic Jaguar E-Type roadster from the ground up. From chassis to engine, rewiring to top grain cowhide leather upholstery and paint, this Jaguar now meets or exceeds Concours de Elegance condition.

Additional Information:

The Jaguar E-Type – or on the North American continent, the XK-E – was born of racing heritage on Jaguar’s D-Type racing model.  The D-Type was renowned for placing first in the 24 Hours of Le Mans three year’s consecutively.  At the time in the 1960’s, Jaguar had introduced a number of groundbreaking engineering designs with the D-Type, including a monocoque tub with front sub-frame bolt-on, disc brakes, independent suspension in both front and rear, and rack-and-pinion steering among others.

While originally designed for speed and performance, the refined E-Type added significant beauty to the performance profile for the consumer market.  During the E-Type’s debut in 1961, Enzo Ferrari described the E-Type as the most beautiful car ever built – certainly as high a complement as could be said of a motorcar.

Today, Jaguar’s E-Type are revered as much as they’ve ever been, if not more so.  The E-Type is highly sought after and highly valued making the E-Type an investment target for the affluent car lover.  The E-Type has retained remarkable resale value, and continues to grow as time passes.

Sports Car Classics has made the complete Concours restoration of this beautiful motorcar a passion for decades.  Please inquire if you would like to become an E-Type owner.  If you already own a classic Jaguar and would like SCC to restore your motorcar’s condition, please contact us for a discussion about your project.

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